Verde Natural



The Challenge

  • Build brand awareness leveraging in-store, wholesale and digital channels

  • Offer the best personalized user experience to their customers - guests feel comfortable ask questions about buying and consuming

  • Position themselves as a premium quality product with superior customer service

  • Expand the market to cannabis non-consumers (who represent the major market opportunity)

  • Build an unique brand in the cannabis industry designed to be used in other industries as well

We can help build a holistic brand experience that pushes Verde Natural’s values beyond the cannabis industry



I partnered with First Principle for strategy insights and led the project management, strategy and design of the Verde Natural Brand. I worked closely with Verde Natural team - COO Andrew and Marketing Manager Rachel.



I started the branding process by learning as much as I could about Verde Natural. The goal was to make the abstract idea of “Verde Brand” into something concrete. I wanted to provide a common language to describe what the company is about — and use it to guide decisions surrounding visuals, voice, and identity.

We researched the cannabis industry, focusing on latest trends in the market. The full analysis brought up some interesting focus points, the average cannabis consumer age is 37 years old, while most cannabis companies market to younger demographics.

We interviewed the team at Verde which helped us understand the company culture and core values. This
allowed me to put together a 20 year company roadmap to get a long-term vision on the company so that I
could align short term ones, a set of the most important values for the company, their top audiences,
an analysis of the competitive landscape and a set of design principles.

Top Value: display kindness, and go the extra mile to deliver the best experience to customers, employees, stakeholders and even the cannabis flowers.



Next step was creating three moodboards – each conceptualized a different look and feel for the brand. By keeping in mind the top audiences and the design principles the moodboards ranged from retro and artsy to colorful and friendly and clean and funky.

We presented each concept to the stakeholders at Verde, and after a few iterations and discussions we landed on colorful and friendly.


Logo Design

I designed 3 initial logo designs based on the chosen moodboard. Once presented we narrowed it down to 2 logo ideas, a more playful version and a more sophisticated version. I built variations of both logo ideas to see how the overall look and feel could translate to packaging, social media, etc.

Ultimately the logo version that was chosen was the more playful version because it aligned with the strategy we built - providing an open and inviting atmosphere for the brand to grow off of. It is all about being clean and beautiful, showing off Verde Natural and as high quality and inclusive to everyone.


Brand Guidelines

The last stage of the branding process was to produce a document with logo usage, color palette, fonts and overall look and feel for Verde Natural to have for reference.


We are continuing to work with Verde Natural to build out a holistic brand focusing on each touchpoint. Stay tuned...

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