The Challenge

Design a simple and user friendly notification system

BallotTrax patent-pending locator and notification system required our assistance to keep tracking, reporting, status updates and multi-language communications simple and easy to navigate for the user.



I was responsible for the interaction design, visual design, UX/UI design and branding. I worked closely with the Creative Director and Project Manager, to take the approved initial prototype and use my knowledge of UX/UI to build user friendly functionality.



We used general best practices and a tiered dropdown system to be able to show an abundance of information in a digestible format

We considered various ways to address the dashboard layout. We focused on simplifying the content by using industry standard icons and graphs to quickly convey numbers. 

There was a lot of information that was important to users; we used tiered dropdowns to hide information that was not vital initally, but easily accessible.

By implementing general form field best practices, we were able to help voters and county representatives breeze through their forms. Requiring a variety of options for these form fields, we focused on utilizing text, dropdowns and buttons.



Style guide

We built out all senarios a user would encounter. This meant designing an easily understandable system for errors and warnings. We used simple icons and colors to represent issues.