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Embello platform on a MacBook Pro


Eberhardt Design built an influencer marketing platform for Embello so that they could start generating revenue and continue their conversations with venture capitalists.

The product we built helps agents manage campaigns and gives brands the ability to review and approve influencers in a clean and simple UI and also give influencers a place to sign up for the brands they want to work with.

Bright Bucks app on an iPhobne

Bright Bucks

We worked with AMSD to design and build a rewards app for iOS and Android where users earn money by performing simple tasks to save on their existing purchases.

Using competitive research and the psychology behind gaming apps, we designed a clean and easy to understand experience for users to keep them coming back.

Solana platform on an iPhone


Solana is building the fastest blockchain in the world, and we partnered with AMSD to create a fun and engaging blockchain explorer dashboard for Solana.

We were tasked with breaking the mold of cryptocurrency, and — working with data scientists and developers — we were able to design a dashboard that is informative and easy to use.

Flo Recruit on an iPhone on a marble slab

Flo Recruit

Eberhardt Design led overall design and research for Flo Recruit in order to help them build their recruiting event and management system.

We worked with with AMSD create a product that would be easy for recruiters to provide feedback on candidates, and designed a user friendly dashboard to easily filter and read reviews of candidates. We also worked closely with the Flo Recruit development team to make sure implementation was smooth.

Our work helped Flo Recruit secure Y Combinator funding!


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